So what really is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation means different things to different people. Research by a top 5 accounting practice says its essential, slow adoption or lack of a roadmap presents quite an existential threat. Its more than modernisation, its futureproofing of your business but also readiness and the ability to respond to change.

This is what it means to us

Technology Consulting

Digital Transformation, Disaster and Business Continuity planning, IT Strategy, Software Development, Systems Integration, Systems Integration.

Cloud and Managed IT Services

Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration, Cloud Infrastructure (and Hybrids), Infrastructure Management, Managed IT Services


Security Assessment, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Incident Response, Network Hardening and Staff Training

AI, and Machine Learning

Data capture, models and algorithmic pattern design, business readiness and use case identficiation, implementaion.

Data Analytics

Data Strategy, Data Visualization, Big Data Solutions, Business Intelligence

Digital Agency

TOKYO a well established Digital Agency owned by the Group business which has had a specialism in creative lead campaign work for high value brands.


Our insights into the transformational landscape

Digital transformation is the fundamental rewiring of how an organisation operates

By Chris Evans on July 15, 2023

Digital transformation is the fundamental rewiring of how an organisation operates. I have stressed this many times before but McKinsey have recently summed up perfectly and credit for the source of this post we attribute to them for this reason. The goal of a digital transformation, as outlined in the new McKinsey book Rewired: A McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI (Wiley, June 20, 2023), should be to build a competitive advantage by continuously deploying tech at scale to improve customer experience and lower costs.

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Stephen Hawking warned AI could mean the ‘end of the human race’ in years leading up to his death

By NODE:DNA on July 14, 2023

Stephen Hawking warned AI could mean the ‘end of the human race’ in years leading up to his death Long before Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak signed a letter warning that artificial intelligence poses “profound risks” to humanity, British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking had been sounding the alarm on the rapidly evolving technology. “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” Hawking told the BBC in an interview in 2014.

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Getting ahead of the risks of artificial intelligence

on July 13, 2013

Getting ahead of the risks of artificial intelligence Deloitte’s recent State of AI in the Enterprise study asked AI adopters about their organisation’s top adoption challenges, “managing AI-related risks” topped the list—tied with integration and data challenges, and on par with implementation concerns. And while worry is high, action to ameliorate risks is lagging: Fewer than one-third practice more than three AI risk management activities. And fewer than four in 10 adopters report that their organization is “fully prepared” for the range of AI risks that concern them.

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Big Tech races to adapt to AI

on July 13, 2013

Big Tech races to adapt to AI I received this update in an FT article which I identify as the source and owner of the copyright in their findings. Can today’s tech giants adapt fast enough to the age of AI? Like all disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence has the potential to upset the processes, products and business models on which today’s most successful companies are founded. Computing platform shifts such as this usually leave at least some industry leaders out in the cold: today’s incumbents are all racing to make sure that doesn’t include them.

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