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Sell your business


The first stage when considering selling your business is to arrange a confidential, no obligation consultation with a Node specialist advisor. We will take you through the process, achievability of your valuation, advice on potential purchases and an indication of timescales. Our fees are structured to ensure our goals are aligned with yours.

Planning and preparation are key to running a smooth transaction. Attention to this will ensure the transaction places less burden on you and the business at the time an offer is made and due diligence begins. It will also help the purchaser see the full potential in the business and so will help attribute the highest valuation possible.

Our Approach

Our approach to selling your businesss

Once you have engaged with our services, you will be assigned a deal manager who will ensure that the process is planned and executed efficiently and with the appropriate level of attention and detail. The deal manager will ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for you in terms of deal structure and overall deal value.

How We Can Help

How we can help sell your technology business

We have vast experience of the technology sector and have been in directly your shoes as the seller on a number of occasions.

Ensuring all the correct steps are taken to present the business in a way the acquirer can appreciate the value is paramount. As is the process itself, we will ensure the transaction runs smoothly and that value is maximised for you.

Sector Insight

Unlock maximum value.
Get the right deal structure.
Smooth and efficient execution.
Maintaining confidentiality.

Our industry knowledge makes us well placed for identifying acquisition targets or potential acquirers. We have extensive experience in buying and selling businesses in the technology sector. Coupling this with our unique technical knowledge we are able to help de-risk the process, ensuring smooth execution and maximum value extraction.