Digital Transformation

We work with you to put a basket of digital technologies into your core, your foundation, your DNA. Together we enable your business to utilise technology to drive efficacies. We ensure you are ready to rapidly adopt technologies that are not yet known. We partner with you and your team to ensure you build, maintain, and protect that technological edge and advantage we help you create over your competitors.

Digital transformation means different things to different people. For us, it’s the process of adoption and implementation of a modernisation plan touching a wide range of areas and data flows. Capitalising on new technology both in the short term but also being ready to move fast to adopt future tech not known about yet. The goal is to futureproof the business for the benefit of its products, services, staff, client experience and overall efficiency of operations.

The starting point is readiness, and this means change within the business. Full adoption requires changes to the core or foundation of the business. We think of it as becoming part of the DNA of the business. In-built the ability to respond and adopt change quickly with little or no disruption, delivering a cumulative benefit that your competitors do not have.

Many credible pieces of research already show it’s now not optional, a nice to have, or a buzz word, it’s a pro-active move to secure your business future. It’s not something for just the big companies either, every sector is at risk, throughout history new entrants delivering things in a more efficient and cost-effective way have always been the disrupters.

The seismic shift is already taking place, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Businesses are sitting on valuable data that could be being analysed by Machine Learning models ready to better inform management decision. Datasets that exist but are not being captured could hold the key to a new emerging trend that you don’t know is there and may find out, but when it’s too late. Corporate networks protected by an IT Policy and a firewall are now inadequate, most businesses have not addressed the larger cybersecurity threats for example social engineering.

We at node:dna can assist you. Doers from day one we bring our services to SME’s upwards; we firmly believe this is an essential and should be available to all. It’s an investment and we like to track the rewards we deliver.

As your tech partners we fit into your existing team bringing the latest in innovation to the table whilst at the same time limiting your risk to cyber events (or in the interim assisting in the management of), we would review your business continuity plans and work closely as an extension complementing end further empowering your IT team.

We build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust but cemented by our measurable results. Our 360-degree reporting will demonstrate the overall effectiveness of the relationship and the tangible return on investment. It’s a win-win for all, it’s not about what your business is right now, it’s all about what it could be.

Feel free to contact us and we can discuss how this could work for you.