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Our approach

Our approach to selling your businesss

Once you have engaged with our services, you will be assigned a deal manager who will ensure that the process is planned and executed efficiently and with the appropriate level of attention and detail. The deal manager will ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for you in terms of deal structure and overall deal value.

1. Understanding your company

We will first seek to understand what the objective of the business owners are. Once we understand this we seek as much information as we need from the relevant people you point us to in the business to ensure we have a full grasp of operational, technical, admin and finance opportunities. We will also seek to understand the growth opportunity and a guide on the outlook going forward. This information will be gathered in the most convenient way for you. We will need to understand:

  • What the sellers wish to achieve
  • Motivations and timescales for sale
  • Possible deal structures of interest
  • Confidentiality requirements (inc staff/suppliers/key management etc)
  • Detailed company review and assessment to determine key attributes and ‘value drivers’
  • Price expectations
  • Support the business may require from a transitional perspective on change of ownership.
  • Presentation of your company

Documents will be prepared to market your business to prospective purchasers. The intention of these documents is to attract as much interest as possible from relevant acquirers but ensuring all information is accurate and not misleading. We will work with you to produce a first class document.

  • Teaser’: this is a high-level generic document that highlights key information, salient points and the value drivers of your company and the technologies employed. The company name or other information which would enable a potential acquirer to identify the business would not be disclosed at this stage to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.
  • Information Memorandum (IM): this sales prospectus will contain detailed information on all aspects of your company and is creatively presented with ‘market leading’ quality. We put ourselves in the eyes of the range of acquirers in order to provide a detailed overview of your company and highlight many reasons why a prospective purchaser should consider your acquisition and further their interest. This document is sent to appropriate interested parties only once you have reviewed and approved them.

3. Marketing

We will reach out to our extensive database of both registered acquirers and business we have identified as being a potential acquirer. Using our industry specialist knowledge, we will seek to maximise the value by seeking the most appropriate acquirers that too would appreciate the value.

Acquirers will most likely be trade purchasers but we also market to institutional investors.

We will reach out far enough to ensure we end in a competitive bid situation.

4. Delivery

Once a number of interested parties or offers have been presented to you, we will provide a synopsis on each opportunity and together we will decide the next steps. The offers received will likely be structured in different ways and some of these and some acquirers may be more attractive to you than others. We would seek to go back and negotiate offers to get the best offer from the most preferred bidder with the most preferred structure. We will then manage the workflow, producing or working with the acquirer to agree a deal timetable to completion. We will assist if necessary in the appointment of appropriate advisers, will guide you in preparing to upload documents etc to a data room and in your information responses to the purchaser. We will co-ordinate all and work with you until the successful completion of the deal.

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Sector Insight

Unlock maximum value.
Get the right deal structure.
Smooth and efficient execution.
Maintaining confidentiality.

Our industry knowledge makes us well placed for identifying acquisition targets or potential acquirers. We have extensive experience in buying and selling businesses in the technology sector. Coupling this with our unique technical knowledge we are able to help de-risk the process, ensuring smooth execution and maximum value extraction.