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Maintaining Confidentiality

Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidentiality is of upmost importance at every level and we fully respect and will guide on how to ensure this is maintained. You may be concerned about employees, customers or suppliers finding out about the potential transaction and this having an adverse effect on the business. We maintain a list of internal people and external advisers and carefully control information flow; no information is shared without your prior agreement. Where we do need to involve an employee for example we can suggest ‘cover stories’ etc that have worked in the past that can help you extract information without ‘giving the game away’.

Non Disclosure Agreements

All interested parties are required to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before they view any confidential information. We will obtain, where possible, information to allow you to make an informed decision as to the suitability of the potential acquirer. We ensure that you remain firmly in control of who has access to your company’s sensitive commercial information. On receipt of a signed NDA and information passed to a prospective buyer we would seek our authority before sending any confidential information (i.e. prior to this only generic information would be exchanged). Prospective purchasers will not be provided with any sensitive or confidential information unless you authorise it.

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Sector Insight

Unlock maximum value.
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Maintaining confidentiality.

Our industry knowledge makes us well placed for identifying acquisition targets or potential acquirers. We have extensive experience in buying and selling businesses in the technology sector. Coupling this with our unique technical knowledge we are able to help de-risk the process, ensuring smooth execution and maximum value extraction.