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Buyer research

Finding a buyer for your business

Using our specialist knowledge of the technology sector we have built a database of the industry and identified likely acquirers of certain businesses. We also have registered acquirers who have given specification of businesses they would like to purchase.

Through a comprehensive research process, we will identify suitable trade, complimentary, strategic and synergistic acquires who would most see value in your business.

We also maintain contact with Private Equity houses and other investment companies who will typically acquire to merge the business with another in their portfolio seeking synergies or seeking to fill a gap they see in the market.

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Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Sector Insight

Unlock maximum value.
Get the right deal structure.
Smooth and efficient execution.
Maintaining confidentiality.

Our industry knowledge makes us well placed for identifying acquisition targets or potential acquirers. We have extensive experience in buying and selling businesses in the technology sector. Coupling this with our unique technical knowledge we are able to help de-risk the process, ensuring smooth execution and maximum value extraction.