Our Group Structure

NODE:DNA’s Parent Company

NODE:DNA is the digital transformation brand within our Group of companies. Our Group is headed up by NODE:PLATFORMS LTD (registered in England No. 09938882), its registered office is at The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9QJ. All UK subsidiaries and related party entities based in the UK share this address.

We are still adjusting our corporate structure and hope to welcome in some acquired businesses and talent to help us and in turn help you in your transformational journey to being at the cutting edge of what technology can do for you.

The Group – NODE and TOKYO

Comprised wthin the “NODE” Group of companies is also the “TOKYO” Group, us having acquired all the shares we did not already hold in May of 2023. See https://tokyo.uk/

Save for our Asian subsidiary, (NODE:DNA ASIA PTE. LTD) which is incorporated in Singapore, all Group members are UK Incorporated.

Board of Directors

NODE:PLATFORMS LTD is a non-trading holding company for the Group, its Board manages the strategy and risk profile at Group level. It’s a privately owned company owned by the management team. Its CEO is Chris Evans and its FD Vicky Gardner. Complementing the Board is Mohammed Lateef as Non-Executive Director. Chris and Vicky sit on the operating company boards. In addition, in Asia, Choo Ling Lee is our Director on the ground based out of Singapore and sitting on the operational board for that Company.

Subsidiary undertakings and their company number

Subsidiaries are all wholly owned directly save for the Node Capital fund companies which are owned by Node:Capital Ltd as intermediary, they are as follows:

  • NODE:PLATFORMS LTD - 09938882 (Parent Co)
  • NODE:DNA UK LTD - 14796571 (Digital Transformation business)
  • NODE:MSP UK LTD - 14901807 (Managed service provider, hosting, etc)
  • NODE:IPR LTD - 14257577 (Holder of Group intellectual property rights, e.g. registed trademarks)
  • TD2023 REALISATIONS LTD - 10958626 (Pre-acqusition Tokyo trading company, activities transfered to Group)
  • TOKYO DIGITAL LTD - 14523661 (Post-acqusition Tokyo trading company)
  • TOKYO TECHNOLOGIES LTD - 11508425 (Tokyo Digital’s business delivering highly skilled services)
  • NODE:CAPITAL LTD - 14909089 (Investment vehicle for Group to invest in IP and make joint ventures to bring new technologies in)
  • NODE:CAPITAL SEIS LTD - 14960795 (Investment fund, SEIS qualifying, independant committee that may co-invest)
  • NODE:CAPITAL EIS LTD - 14960913 (Investment fund, EIS qualifying, independant committee that may co-invest)
  • NODE:CAPITAL VCT LTD - 14960920 (Investment fund, VCT qualifting, independant committee that may co-invest)

Material related parties to the Group are:

  • NODE:DNA MIDCO PLC - 14240621 (Dormant entity, just sharing a similar name and controlling parties)
  • NODE:DNA ASIA PTE. LTD - 202208181N (Asian subsidiary for all Group operations outside of the UK, US and Europe)
  • VC FINANCE LTD - 07373678 (Secured lender to the Group in common directorship control)

Corporate Governance

The Board of the Node:Platforms Ltd Group seeks to follow the best practice in corporate governance as appropriate for a company of our size, nature, and stage of development. As a small private company, we have no obligation to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. However, we recognise that good governance (apart from simply being good business practice) is key to ensuring the trust of all stakeholders including clients and employees and as a Growth Company have therefore committed to a framework of implementation of the 2018 Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code – (“the QCA Code”) to support the Company’s governance framework. Much of the core ten principals are complied with and once we reach a size it is reasonable and proportionate to fully company, we will transparently disclose how we do so. For further information on the QCA please their website at www.theqca.com.

Accounting Principals

The Board made a decision in June 2023 that it will adopt full IFRS backdated two months to 1st April 2023, being the first day of its new financial year. The Group’s subsidiaries in turn are adopting IFRS, either from the start of the year, or will provide a year end adjustment reconciliation having evaluated and made appropriate adjustments. This decision was taken following discussions with potential future institutional equity investors who prefer to see IFRS models, at the same time we also want to enable a financial reporting process that is compatible with opening the doors to the widest range of future opportunities.

Debt finance and the Group funding situation

Save for TD2023 Realisations Ltd (a company acquires as part of Tokyo Digital in May 2023) (“TD2023”) there is no external bank debt, securities or charges over any Group company. The Group (save for TD2023) has been entirely funded “internally” in that its funding has flowed from normal cash inflows, loans from the principal shareholder and from a related party company (VC Finance Ltd). The Group is trading profitably on a fully consoldiated basis and is generating positive cashflows.

This information was last updated on 14th July 2023.